Our Vision Statement & Aims

St John the Baptist Primary School is a 'Voluntary Aided' Church of England School. This means that the premises are owned by the church and operated in partnership with the local authority ~ Essex County Council. Each church school has a governing body, constituted in accordance with its instruments of Government, which is responsible for the school, and on which the Church, local authorities, parents and staff are represented.
Our School aims to provide within a Christian community the best education possible for all the children bearing in mind each child's differing needs, abilities and interests and the resources available.

Our Vision

  • Every child in our school knows learning is exciting and that within him or herself there is the capacity for success.
  • Each member of our community is encouraged to be adventurous, innovative and creative.
  • Together we welcome problems, knowing it's ok to be stuck because those who never make a mistake, never make a discovery.
  • In this school we applaud effort, resolution and commitment, fostering a positive and caring attitude to all life. 
  • Our pupils will have the strength, confidence and courage to become life long learners and independent thinkers, embracing and enhancing the world around them.

Our Aims

  • To provide a safe environment in which children can feel secure and happy.To provide a loving and caring environment which every member of the school community feels that he/she has an important part to play.
  • To develop lively enquiring minds. 
  • To provide a rich and balanced curriculum relevant to each child's individual needs. This will include the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.
  • To help children develop the skills of literacy, numeracy and scientific skills. 
  • To help children develop an awareness and understanding of the wide world.
  • To produce a caring considerate and useful member of the community.